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Ramondin starts the production of screw capsules in 2010, being the first manufacturer to introduce this type of capsule into Rioja wines Denominación de Origen Calificada (Qualified designation of origin of Rioja Wines). With this product, Ramondin seeks to continue finding solutions to its customers’ needs by providing a closure system in continuous growth.

Materials and manufacturing

The screw capsule is produced from aluminium. It contains a plastic inner tablet on the inside of the top disc, called a liner, which guarantees the sealing of the screw cap to the bottle.

The screw capsule adds up to the traditional function of decorating the bottle on the guarantee seal, the properties of conservation and aging provided by cork. Through the liner, a plastic tablet occasionally containing tin, the bottle is closed without the need of using cork or other materials.

The printing of the screw cap is carried out with litography and relief (embossing) on the top disc and offset lithography on the side.


Height: 60 mm. Altura de la falda
Diameter: 30-31,5 mm Diametro de la tapa
Height: 33-43 mm. Altura de la falda
Diameter: 25 mm. Diametro de la tapa

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