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Ramondin manufactures more than 500 million tin capsules a year (more than 50% of the worldwide production) and exports nearly 75% of its production.
Tin capsules were created as a result of a tin-lead capsule ban in the United States in the year 1992, aiming to withdraw four types of metals contained in packaging (lead, mercury, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium). In the light of that, Ramondin updated its facilities and researched metals and processes until it obtained a highly pure tin capsule.)


Tin capsules manufactured by Ramondin confer a high added value:

  • They improve your company’s image and have a one piece design without side or top seams nor wrinkles.
  • They offer a great range of design possibilities.
  • They are ecological, fully recyclable and use water-based paint.
  • Using tin capsules in the bottling line and with capsule machines is simple and minimizes errors.
  • Their safety levels are very high, both for workers and for consumers, since there is no risk of being cut.
  • Tin caps can include anti-falsification measures through electronic pigments. The fight against fraud is one of the Company’s Philosophies: It only sells directly to clients, without middle-men that could lead to the devaluation of the product.

Ramondin, Tin Committee member


Height: 30 - 80 mm. Altura de la falda
Diameter: 18 - 55 mm. Diametro de la tapa
Thickness: 80 - 160 micras. Espesor de la tapa
Weight: 3 - 15 gr. Altura de la falda

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